“Railway Station Park Project – A Calculated Mistake?”

Last year, Ipoh Mayor Datuk Roshidi Hashim stated that he was serious about getting ready for Visit Perak year 2012.

He also announced that the Tourism Ministry had provided Ipoh City Council a sum of RM3.8 million to upgrade its tourism related facilities around town though most of it was focused around Old Town specifically along the heritage trail.

The park at the Railway Station which is the start of the Heritage Trail has been proposed to be given a facelift by re-landscaping the garden area. The existing water fountain at the garden, which hasn’t been working for a long time, will be upgraded. It was proposed that it be replaced with a musical fountain, but the decision is still pending.

Ipohnews recently visited the site and found that there were a few construction workers who had already been working on the site for more than a month now, and what’s interesting is the completion date, which is stated to be due by the 15 of July 2012.

Railway station ipoh
Upcoming Musical Fountain?

Wishing that the contruction works would have began at a much earlier stage to prevent this “sight for sore eyes” to the future tourist’s as many would not have the chance to see the Historical Ipoh Tree and the Park’s Water Fountain for the next five months or so.

The Ipoh Tree In front of the Ipoh Railway Station

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