Terminal Meru Raya (Terminal Amanjaya), Ipoh

Terminal Meru Raya, stands as a bustling hub connecting residents and visitors alike to various destinations within the city and beyond. This modern transportation center serves as the gateway to Ipoh’s vibrant community, offering convenience, accessibility, and a glimpse into the daily life of the city’s residents.

The terminal’s strategic location in the bustling Meru Raya township ensures easy access for commuters traveling to and from Ipoh’s key locations. Whether you’re heading downtown for work, exploring the city’s cultural attractions, or embarking on a journey to nearby towns and states, Terminal Meru Raya serves as the starting point for your adventures.

One of the terminal’s notable features is its modern and well-equipped facilities, designed to provide comfort and convenience to passengers. From spacious waiting areas to clean restrooms and a variety of dining options, travelers can enjoy a seamless travel experience while awaiting their departure.

Terminal Meru Raya is not just a transportation hub; it’s also a vibrant center of activity where locals gather to shop, dine, and socialize. The adjacent commercial area boasts a diverse range of shops, eateries, and amenities, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors alike.

For those looking to explore Ipoh’s rich cultural heritage, Terminal Meru Raya serves as a convenient starting point. From here, travelers can easily access nearby attractions such as the iconic Ipoh Railway Station, the historic Old Town, and the renowned street art of Mural Art’s Lane.

In addition to its role as a transportation hub, Terminal Meru Raya also plays a crucial role in supporting the local economy. The terminal’s proximity to residential areas and commercial centers makes it an ideal location for businesses, attracting entrepreneurs and investors eager to capitalize on its strategic location.

As Ipoh continues to grow and evolve, Terminal Meru Raya remains a vital link connecting the city’s past, present, and future. Whether you’re a traveler passing through or a resident going about your daily routine, this bustling transportation center offers a glimpse into the vibrant spirit of Ipoh’s community. 

For more info:

Address : No. 1, Persiaran Meru Raya 5,

Meru Raya, 30020 Ipoh, Perak.

Tel :  05-526 7718

WW : https://www.terminalmeruraya.my/ 

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