Sunflower Garden

In the charming town of Bagan Datuk, a spectacular Sunflower Garden awaits, boasting over 2,000 sunflowers on its 0.8-hectare expanse. Nestled about 131 km from Ipoh, this haven for Flos Solis major, or large sunflowers, draws visitors nationwide. From captivating selfies to Instagram-worthy moments, the allure of these vibrant blooms is irresistible.

According to farm owner Khor Weng Kiang, strategic planting ensures a continuous bloom, with approximately 200 daily visitors revelling in the sunflower spectacle. Sunflowers, scientifically known as Helianthus Annuus, not only resemble the sun but also exhibit heliotropism, following the sun’s path across the sky.

Helianthus, Latin for “sunflower,” thrives effortlessly in our climate. A visit promises not only radiant blooms but also encounters with ducks and fishes on the farm. As you plan your trip, don’t forget sunscreen, an umbrella, and water to stay refreshed amid the captivating beauty of sunflowers and the lively farm residents.

Operation hours :- 

Everyday:  9am -7pm

Admission Fee : Adult – Rm 13, Children –  Rm10

For more info :- 

Tel :016-232 0031

Address : A128, Bagan Sungai Burung Bagan Datuk, Perak

Location : 

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