Mangrove Swamp Park – Seri Manjung,Perak

Mangrove Swamp Park or in Malay, Taman Paya Bakau is famously known as the ‘Monkey Park’.

Located in Seri Manjung, between Ipoh and Lumut road, approximately 10 minutes travelling from Lumut town.

This park was built in May 1994 and was opened to the public in May 1995. In 2005, the park was maintained and transformed. It has a 336-meter long and 6-metre wide track spanning the mangrove swamp.

At the end of the track it has two shelters for the visitors to rest or fish. Visitors can enjoy the mangrove swamp natural beauty and the creatures living in it.

Entrance of the Mangrove Swamp Park

Monkeys – Crab-eating Macaque is famous in Southeast Asia. It is also called the “long-tailed macaque” and they freely roam in and around the Park.

Crab-eating macaque

When you walk with dry feet in the mangrove forest you will almost sure see monkeys begging for food. Crabs love this ecosystem. In no time you will see little red and orange crabs crawling around. And if you’re lucky maybe some bigger ones show up.

Mangrove Swamp

The mangrove forest is especially loved by animals like the monitor lizard, the biawak.

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Mangrove Swamp Park

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