Tourist Attraction – Teluk Batik, Perak

Located about 7km from the Lumut Town and around 1.5 hours drive from Ipoh City, Teluk Batik is one of the most famous beaches in the state of Perak.

The stretch of fine sandy beach is a popular spot for campers,picnickers and sun-lovers while the sparkling coastal water is occupy by various activities such as swimming,canoeing,boating,etc.

This beach is famous among the locals and it is accessible by cars as there are ample parking bays available near the beach.


The surrounding hill areas of Teluk Batik are inhabited by tribes of little monkeys. Occasionally, they will wander around the beach area to enjoy sun tanning while seaching for food.


The View At The Beach

There are also boat rides available at a small fee..

Banana Boat Ride..

Among the boat rides that are available ; The Banana Boat Ride,The Deck Boat ride, The Sidekick Boat Ride, and Sailing Boats.

Passengers on the Deck Boat
Sailing Boats
Lifeguard Tower at Teluk Batik beach
Ice Cream Vendors
Public Washrooms..
Sit back,relax and unwind – Chairs are also rented there..
Food stall’s are available at the entrance of the beach..
Children’s float are also sold there..

Souvenir Items..
Ample parking at the entrance..

Teluk Batik, Perak.

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