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Congratulations to Yv for finishing her study at UTAR~!! Wuhooooo~~ Such a memorable day in life, we had our celebration with at Ipoh, with Yv’s coursemates :D  Where we went?

Its Greentown~ We had a wonderful time here.


Yup, there are beers and pizza~ This is such a great place to hang out with friends don’t you think? healey-macs-ipoh

Ahhh.. such an eye-catching leprechaun on the Guinness beer barrel..It made Yv reminisce her Guinness stout at Dublin.. LOL.. DSC_0363

How bout some beer, mate? DSC_0314

The two great pizza makers who made our delicious pizza of the night~ pizza pictures coming up! DSC_0341

We ordered two pizza, the first one was “The Fisherman’s Catch” @ RM 22. Homemade thin pizza dough. Tomato sauce and Mozzerella cheese imported from Italy, topped with fresh tuna. Unlike stingy serving of some commercial chain restaurant, the cheese on this pizza was oozy and the fish was juicy, for us, it was perfecto! DSC_0331 Second one coming right up which is the “Healy Mac’s Special The Mighty Meaty” @ RM 25. Homemade pizza dough. Tomato sauce with Mozzerella cheese imported from Italy, topped with Lean sirloin minced beef and some red onion. It taste not bad but just isn’t that special. According to Yv’s friend, this pizza tasted a little bit different from the one she had here on few weeks ago. Ordered the same thing again but different taste. Hmm.. DSC_0360

“Eating dessert alone won’t fat” in Cantonese. If you know what I mean here. Haha. Thus, we opted to share!The dessert of the night, Strawberry Shortcake @ RM15. Not an impressive desserts ask we didn’t clean up the whole plate. It was a very photogenic dessert though! DSC_0324

Cranberry, tomato, orange and mango juices! Healthy choices, we made :D Since that day was Thursday night which was the Ladies’ Night, they are serving free cocktail for the ladies ~ DSC_0368 Cocktail.. Well, we don’t really know the name :/ DSC_0352 I


enjoy eating with you, Yv~ Credit goes to Theressa :) DSC_0375

A picture before leaving this place k? DSC_0374

Irish bar with great ambiance accompanied by Irish oldies. Relaxing, we would say. It was way more comfortable compared to those similar bars we have back at KL with ear deafening music . Just our two cents thou.. DSC_0312

Man, I do really like this picture very much. Just look at the guy’s expression… A pizza you can’t refuse huh? It’s Friday night, let’s hang out there again! Name: Healy Mac’s Irish Bar and Restaurant Location: No. 2 & 2A, Persiaran Green Town 4               Green Town Avenue, 30450 Ipoh, Perak Operating hours : 1pm – 1.30am (Daily) Contact : 05 – 249 3627 Website: http://www.healymacs.com.my They do have few branches at around Malaysia

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