Ninety One % Good Internet

I was in need of some good Wifi. My data had finished and I had tons of work plus I needed my Youtube.

I went from Starbucks, to McDonalds to Old Town White coffee, nothing matched up to where I went next. Ninety One Cafe had the best internet compared to everywhere I tried. It was considerably fast and I could listen to my Youtube Tunes non-stop.

The cafe was located on top of Tambun Inn hotel. Once I got there, there was a stairway indicating how to get to the cafe. The waiters were friendly and helpful, getting my connection on the go. I sat there for hours, and they even showed me a power cable that I could use. Unfortunately there was only one spot where I could use it.

I enjoyed the window view, while sipping on my latte that had a beautiful tea art of it. Overall, I had a great experience chilling as I did my work with ease. Little tip, the cafe’s internet downloads movies too.

Head on down to : to view their dessert and dishes served.

Ipoh Writer.

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