Lata Tengkoh Penyel Waterfall

Lata Tengkoh Penyel Waterfall is located at Sungai Siput District. To get there, drive two hours North from Ipoh, through the hilly region to the settlement known as Kampung Pendeq, Pos Yum (Orang Asli village).

The parking fee for per car is RM 10 and RM 5 for per motorcycle. From the entrance, we had to trek about 600m to reach the Waterfall. It takes around 15 to 20 minutes. 

There are also a couple of traditional wooden chalets as bamboo and rattan huts built by the orang asli for visitors. The bamboo hut it’s priced at RM60 per night whereas the rattan hut it’s priced at RM80 per night.However, there is no electricity and food supply for visitors so you might need to bring your own torch, lamp and food.

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