D.R Seenivasagam Park/ Taman D.R

D.R Sign board

The D.R Seenivasagam recreational park comprises of a big area of different sections of things to do. Entering the park you see two fields, one on your left and right. Most of the time these fields are used for football games and other trainings. If you head on straight you can see the children’s playground. Apart from the playground, there is also a cycling area where road signs and traffic lights are put up for a road experience. This cycling track is away from the actual road which is not only safer to ride on but also fun. If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent one here too.

The Playground
The Playground
Cycling area equip with educational sign boards and toy traffic lights.
Cycling area equip with educational sign boards and traffic lights.

The park which was opened in the 1950s, was named after the famous lawyer D.R Seenivasagam who was known as a man who gave back much to the Perak people. Taman D.R has continued to be modified throughout the years by the Perak Government. In the 1980s, the Japanese Garden was officially open to public. The garden is a mini version of the garden in Fukuoka, Japan. The trees and rocks are similar to the garden in Japan which is also known as the twin city of Perak.

Japanese Garden gate            Sign board


Japanese Garden bridge
Japanese Garden bridge
Japanese garden entrance
One of the entrance of the Japanese garden

You can also take in the view of this beautiful bridge that has been built over the pond. It is a peaceful place where you can spot family picnics, small get together and also couple retreats. The beautiful scenery leads many wedding photography session to take place here.

Long bridge section of the park
Long bridge section of the park
Start you walk on the long bridge
Start your walk on the long bridge


There are small fields all over the park. There is even a skateboard playing area beside the Japanese garden.

Full of fun, jam packed in one recreational fun, for the whole family.


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