The Enduring Legacy of Yik Foong Complex

It’s quite astonishing that the Yik Foong Complex has managed to endure to this day, retaining its charm even though it no longer shines as brightly as it did since its opening in 1983.

Unlike other grand and nostalgic shopping centers in Perak such as Parkson Ria, Super Kinta, Ocean, and Bingo Town in Ipoh, all of which have since closed, the Yik Foong Complex remains. This complex, once a hot topic and a bustling hub for residents around Perak, especially those living in the Kinta area, is located at the intersection of Jalan Laxamana and Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (Brewster Road). The complex holds many memories and nostalgic moments for those who frequented it.

From its first day of opening to the public around 1983, Glory Supermarket was the main tenant that drew visitors to Yik Foong Complex. At that time, its main competitors included Super Kinta, Emporium Perak, Crescendo, and the circular Yau Tet Shin bazaar. However, as mentioned earlier, all these have since ceased operations, leaving Yik Foong Complex as the last one standing.

The Yik Foong Complex has since been rebranded and is now known by many as Plaza Low Yat Ipoh among the locals in Perak. This is due to the shift in focus to the sale of electronics and IT products, which continues to thrive today.

Yik Foong Management Corp manages the nostalgic Yik Foong Complex in Ipoh. Mr. Chen Tin Gan has been responsible for all corporate management affairs as the corporate manager of Yik Foong Complex since Glory Supermarket ceased operations in 1996.

After Glory Supermarket stopped operating in Yik Foong Complex, the business landscape shifted to include hairdressers, fashion shops, and tailors. Many of the entrepreneurs there were young individuals trying their luck and venturing into business at Yik Foong Complex, which was very prestigious at the time. Among them were the creators of the SUB clothing brand, pioneers and successful figures in the fashion world today, who started their journey at Yik Foong Complex.

Today, most tenants in the Yik Foong Complex are involved in the electronics and IT business. The types of businesses in the complex predominantly include mobile phones, computers, computer hardware, software, and accessories. The Yik Foong Complex remains a popular destination for both young people and veterans looking for mobile phones and electronic goods.

Reflecting on the past, do you remember the video game center that was once located on the top floor? Despite the general rule and legal requirement that patrons must be over 18, most customers at the center were teenagers under 18. This was the sole entertainment available in Ipoh at the time.

Those who experienced the golden era of the four-story Yik Foong Complex hold these memories dear. It represents a nostalgic and invaluable experience that cannot be replicated today.

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Everyday:- 10.30am-9.00pm

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Address : Jalan Laxamana, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

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