Panglima Kinta Mosque

Panglima Kinta Mosque aka Masjid Panglima Kinta, was the first mosque to be constructed in Kinta by Dato’ Panglima Kinta Mohd Yusof bin Salam. Although the initial purpose of the building was to commemorate the loss of the Dato’ Paglima’s wife, It has served as a center to fulfil the needs of the Malay community of Kampung Kuchai and the surrounding neighbourhoods. The mosque’s surrounding was carefully constructed in a linear form in this order; A madrash (Islamic School) was built in front of the mosque. Followed by a Muslim cemetery located at the rear of madrash near the port. This method is a complete package for mosque designs whereby activities, especially religious-related activities enlivened the surrounding area. 

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In general, the Panglima Kinta Mosque is juxtaposed between Moorish and Vernacular Architecture. It was built in a rectangular form, approximately 40 metres in length and 25 metres in width. The prayer hall is distinguished by a square shape enclosed with a two-tiered pyramid as roof. The roof emphasises vernacular architectural elements of the tropical climate and is enhanced by Moorish and Colonial details. However, the pyramid roof is hidden behind blocks of the parapet wall to accentuate the dome as a dominant element on top. The doors and windows are assembled in horseshoe arches with a parapet wall that portrays the Moorish elements that encircle the entire building. These features represent a dominant facade that had formed the main characteristic of the mosque.

The main materials used for this building are lime plaster and bricks. It is mostly used to construct vertical structures such as the wall and finished in white paint with strokes of blue lines. The limestone and masonry came from the limestone hill around Kinta valley. Whereas on the floor especially along the corridor, the ceramic tiles are influenced by the Moorish design and used as finishes. It is in red to match the colour of the two-tiered pyramidal roof above. The dome was built with the use of concrete and plaster finishes to complete the overall architectural look. Today, the distinctive design of the floor tiles is concealed below the carpet which was installed later, particularly in the main prayer hall.

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