Nelli’s Deli Cafe

Nelli’s Deli is located in the heart of Ipoh’s Old Town, it serves a wide Western menu from English breakfast sets to fish & chips. Their signature nasi lemak is what keeps patrons coming back for more! Although slightly on the pricey side for a plate of nasi lemak, it’s well worth it as Nelli’s Deli Nasi Lemak Full Plate comes with a huge piece of fried chicken, calamari sambal and prawn sambal.

Another popular dish to try is their Nasi Ulam with Fried Chicken using local herbs. For snacks, try their prawn and anchovies fritters for something savoury or have churros with chocolate sauce for dessert! 

Operation Hours: Tuesday—Sunday :9am to 5pm

                             Monday : Closed

For more info:

Address : 99 Jalan Sultan Yusof Oldtown, Ipoh;

                47 Jalan Keliling Canning Garden, Ipoh 

Tel : Oldtown – 016-5242365;

        Canning Garden 012-4476605

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If you have any experience at Nelli’s Deli please share your thoughts and review in the comment below.

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