Chenderoh Lake

Chenderoh lake was built in the 1920s, during the colonial era when intense development was happening in Malaysia. The Chenderoh Dam generated much-needed hydro-electric power to feed the hungry town of Ipoh and its attendant tin mines.

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The lake is so old, the inundated stands of timber have all but disappeared save for stubborn stumps that lie just below the water surface, waiting for errant boatmen. The water is now a rich haven for aquatic life, especially the fishes.

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Chenderoh lake is famous for its ikan pekasam, small fish like lomah and lampam preserved in rice paste. The lake is located near the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar and Archaeological site of Lenggong. 

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  1. Hello, In 1926 my grandfather Major Edward Hawkins built a reading room in Chenderoh. Does it still exist? He was the agent of the London firm Topham Jones and Railton. The reading room was built for the Indian community. I’d be very grateful for any information you might have. Thanks

    1. Hi Richard- I am going to Chenderoh Lake.I can see if I can find for you. I will only be there a day though. So any identifying info, photos,where it might be etc would be helpful!

      1. Hello Catoe, Thanks a lot. That’s so kind of you. Alas, I have nothing. If you find anything I’d be really grateful. I expect its long gone. I hope you have a good trip.

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