Wildlife Conservation Centre Sungkai

Credit : kombatpancasonaphotography*IG

About 40km from Teluk Intan in Sungkai is the Wildlife Conservation Centre, where more than 100 deer roam freely on a breeding and conservation site. This farm also houses the Seladang or Malaysian Gaur and various species of birds.  Currently, the breeding programme for Gaur, Sambar deers, and pheasants are conducted at the Sungkai Wildlife Conservation Centre. The Centre is working towards making the place  an eco-tourism centre.

Opening hours : 8.00am – 5.00pm (Monday-friday)
Admission fee : Free
Tel : 05-438 9482

Credit : Mr Jocko*FB
Credit : Saud Sultan*FB
Credit : kombatpancasonaphotography*IG

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