River Terrapin Breeding Centre



About 40km southwest of Ipoh in the unassuming town of Bota Kanan lies the River Terrapin Breeding Centre. The hatchery is near the Perak River bank, which was once home to an abundance of these river creatures. From November to February, visitors can observe migrating river terrapins swimming upstream to lay their eggs. Visitors may have the opportunity to help release young terrapins into natural habitats of Sungai Perak.

Opening hours : 8.00am – 5.00pm
Admission fee : Free
Website: http://www.nre.gov.my/en-my/EcoPark/Pages/Wildlife-Conservation-Centre.aspx
Tel : 05-376 2726
Address: Head Wildlife Conservation Centre (River Terrapin)
DWNP/PERHILITAN, 32600 Bota Kanan, Perak

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