Pongal Festival

Pongal (to boil, overflow) is a harvest festival that celebrated in the month Tai, first month of Tamil solar calendar. It is celebrated to thank The Sun and Natural for the prosperity of paddy. This festival is celebrated for three days by Tamizhans all around the world. 

Bhogi Pongal is celebrated on the last day of the Tamil month Mārkaḻi, the day before Pongal. On this day people discard old belongings and celebrate new possessions. The people assemble and light a bonfire in order to burn the heaps of discards. 

Pongal or Thai Pongal be welcomed by preparing traditional dish Pongal on early morning before sunrise. The dish is offered to the gods and goddesses, sometimes to the village cows, and then shared by the community. 

Mattu Pongal is celebrated to appreciate the cow and bullock as sources of wealth for providing dairy products, fertiliser, transportation and agricultural aid. The cows will be cleaned and decorated. Later on, they will be fed with Venn Pongal and fruits. Jallikattu or cattle race is a traditional game that played near Madurai during Mattu Pongal. 

Kanum Pongal means “to visit”. Family and friends will reunite on this day. Communities will organize social events and games such as Kabaddi,Uriyadi,Pallanguzhi and lot more to strengthen the mutual bonds. 

To experience this joy I suggest you to join this event that will be held on ipoh for FREE!!! with the support of Perak State Government and Malaysian Tamil Society. 

19/1/2020 – Pongal Vizha at Infojaya Tuition Centre 9A/11A Jalan Sungai Pari Buntong 30100 Ipoh. 

26/1/2020 – School Student Competition at  SJKT Methodist, Jalan Madras Buntong 30100 Ipoh. 

27/1/2020 -Special Presentation on Parenthood at YRSK Hall 59 Persiaran Bekor 25, Taman Pertama 30100 Ipoh. 

2/2/2020 – Cultural Show, Prize Giving at CosmoPoint College 15- Arena Niaga Pari 2, Off Jalan Silibin 30100 Ipoh. 

For more info please contact :-

P. K. Kumar – 012 – 555 5517

K. Jaya kumar – 012 – 555 5531

K. Kalai Nilaa – 012 – 518 5664

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