Stadium Indera Mulia

Stadium Indera Mulia, often simply referred to as Stadium Perak, stands as a symbol of sportsmanship, community, and the enduring love of sports in this charming city. The history of Indera Mulia Stadium is intertwined with the rich sporting heritage of Ipoh. Built in 1986, the stadium has borne witness to countless athletic triumphs, inspiring generations of athletes and enthusiasts. It stands as a testament to the enduring passion for sports in this region. Before the construction of this stadium, the site had served as the location for one of the earliest prisons in the state of Perak. Known as the Detention Camp, it operated from 1949 to 1959. This facility was used to detain criminals and communists during the Emergency in Malaya.

Indera Mulia Stadium is a multifaceted sporting complex that caters to a diverse range of athletic disciplines. The main stadium boasts a seating capacity of approximately 20,000 spectators, making it an ideal venue for various sporting events and tournaments. The stadium features a standard track and field facility, which has been the training ground for many aspiring athletes. Whether it’s sprinting on the track or leaping in the long jump pit, the stadium provides the space and equipment for athletes to hone their skills.

For football enthusiasts, Indera Mulia Stadium has been the stage for thrilling matches. The lush green football field has seen local and international teams compete, creating unforgettable moments for fans and players alike.While sports take center stage at Indera Mulia Stadium, it’s not just about competitions and matches. The stadium has played host to cultural and entertainment events, concerts, and community gatherings. It’s a versatile venue that brings people together for a variety of celebrations and activities.

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Address :-  Persiaran Bulan, Kompleks Sukan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh, Perak

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