Anglo-Chinese School (ACS)

The Anglo-Chinese School Ipoh commonly known among locals as ACS Ipoh is the oldest and one of the most prestigious schools in the state of Perak, Malaysia.

ACS the school caters to students from Form One to Form Six of the Malaysian education system (13 to 19 years of age). It is one of the few schools in Ipoh which provide Form Six education. The ACS primary school is situated in the same compound and is for students from Standard One to Standard Six (7 to 12 years of age).

ACS was one of the first schools in Malaysia that constructed a swimming pool in the 60’s. There are also two Methodist churches in the school compound, and a kindergarten which is run by the church. The school has many fields which are used for various sporting purposes.


Ten years after the founding of the Methodist Mission in Singapore, a young English man journeyed to Ipoh on 31 July. He was the Reverend William Edward Horley, who was destined to play a vital role in the enhancement of the education and spiritual life of youth in this country.

Reverend William Edward Horley

A few days after his arrival, on 5 August, Mr. Horley opened the Anglo-Chinese School in a small attap-roofed Malay house adjoining the Police barracks behind the old Land Office which was later demolished to make way for a new million-dollar mosque. Ipoh at that time was no more than a small mining village.

The school was a resuscitation of the first English school in Kinta opened by the Rev. T. W. Stagg in January that year and closed soon after because of his departure from Ipoh in June 1895 on account of his wife’s health.

The house in which Mr. Horley established the school was rented from the then Dato Panglima Kinta, Yusuf bin Nasam, and Sir George Maxwell, who in one of his letters described it as being “painted a rich blue with yellow shutters”. This is probably the reason why blue and gold were chosen as the School’s colours in the mid-nineteen twenties. Mr. Stagg, became Mr. Horley’s first assistant teacher and local preacher.

The history of the A.C S. is very closely linked with the history and development of Ipoh which has been described as “the town that tin built”.  

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ACS, being one of the few elite schools in Ipoh, often considers St. Michael’s Institution as its rival, due to the close proximity of both schools, English missionary backgrounds and similar student demographics. Students of both schools usually compete in academic and sporting achievements. Together with Anderson (SMK Anderson Ipoh), they are part of the league of Big 3 premier schools in Ipoh, often being the choice of the cream of the crop.

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