The 12th Mind Festival, Kampar

Have you ever wanted to remember numbers or letter in order and not missing any. Remembering phone numbers of countless people, OR have you ever wanted to master mind illusions ? Or maybe master the art of opening up your mind to the creative side and switching over to the logical side when ever needed?

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At the mind festival Kampar 2016, you get to learn all of this and more. Learn more about your brain and discover the art of opening up talents that was already there. Mind Festival is a 2 day long event in which you can pick and choose small courses, workshop, lectures, activities throughout the whole day. Just look at the many programes booked on a time slot, and choose which one you would want to join. If you want to join both, you can just pick 2 different time sloths

Organized by the Malaysian Mental Literacy Movement, this is the 12th Mind Festival conducted in Perak.

Venue: University Tunku Abdul Rahman Kampar
Time: 10am-5pm
Date: 16th and 17th July 2016
Admission : Free

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