Fu Lin Kong Temple

If you are looking for interesting places in Pangkor Island, add in Fu Lin Kong Temple to your list. Located at the underskirt of Bukit Pangkor, near Kampung Sungai Pinang Besar, Fu Lin Kong Temple is a Taoist temple, a religion that follows the teachings of the famous Chinese philosopher, Lao Tze. This temple is known to be the largest temple that can be found in Pangkor Island.


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When visitors come to the entrance they will be mesmerized by the gates that are quite magnificent. There are several food and souvenir shops around the area. There is a small garden complete with a pond around the temple area which is enchanting. A playroom for children is also available. Close to the main temple, there is one path that is enough to make this location unique.

There is also a Great Mini Wall built in the area. In order to go through it, you require alot of energy for trekking! There are some checkpoints that are all just beautiful. Not surprisingly, this location is also actually an option for recreational activities and exercise.

Operation hours : Everyday 6.30am -10.00pm

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