Berekeh Hill

Berekeh Hill aka Bukit Berekeh is a 1.9 kilometer out and back trail located near Kampung Bagan Serai of Sungai Siput, Perak. It is 454 meters tall and offers a 360 degree view of Sungai Siput and its surrounding area. 

The trail up Berekeh Hill involves walking through plantations  and can get confusing because there are multiple diversions. The path up Berekeh Hill is loosely marked by trail tape markers. Do keep a consistent lookout for them. Fortunately, the trail up Berekeh Hill summit is mapped on Google Maps and can be relied on to reference.

The terrain of Berekeh Hill trail is mainly sandy with certain parts rocky. The entire trail has no shade and therefore popularly visited as a morning or evening hike. From the trailhead to summit, the climb is about 2.8 km long and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The first 1km is easier with gentle slopes and inclines. After the first km onwards till summit, the climb gets increasingly steep. The last part just before reaching the first summit involves going up a slope using ropes. The trail starts at about 70m in height and descends to about 66 meters before climbing constantly to the summit at 454 meters tall. 

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  1. Hi, NIce view at Berekeh Hill. Wonder this hill hike need permit or not? And can share the trailhead for this hill hike and the road map if you have. TQ

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