Australian Faunal Imagery 1960 – 2012 : An Individual Journey


Australian Faunal Imagery 1960 – 2012 : An Individual Journey by Dr. Warnock


An individual journey through wildlife imagery bridging the transition from monochrome and colour using film to digital photography. The images shown will include Australian wildlife with a majority of avian subjects also some Malaysian avian fauna taken in the days since Dr. Warnock’s arrival in Malaysia.

His almost fifty year journey has been exciting and passionate with the past five years perhaps the most enjoyable. Mostly, the work shown was achieved from a tripod sometimes from a vehicle working near waterholes. Almost all were taken of non- nesting birds and the vast majority of images were taken since 2008. A small number of images represent images on colour slide film scanned for digital projection for comparison.

Fundamentally, Dr. Warnock would rather take new images, new subjects and try to utilize new techniques. While most of his imagery was honed in the competitive nature of International Exhibitions (as he was isolated for much of the time in small communities with little contact with other exhibitors) and he knew competition was a yardstick to try to improve, only fools think that they have taken the perfect image …. It is yet to be taken …. and the odds are it will be taken by someone else.

One can take a pleasing image and place it on an internet forum the same day and see immediately many similar and better images, and what a joy it is to be able to share your many mistakes and few successes and hopefully improve.

What a time to be alive!


Dr Rod Warnock was born in 1933 and presently reside in NSW, Australia. He is married to Mary and have 6 children and a number or grand and great grand children.

He obtained his BA & BA (Hons) at Macquarie University School of Biological Sciences. He obtained his Doctor of Philosophy at the Australia National University. He also obtained a Diploma of Creative Arts (Painting) from University of Newcastle.

His photographic history include Wildlife Photography (1952 to 2012), Artiste de La Federationale de L’Art Photographique (AFIAP) and was awarded the Medbery Award and also the Sam Vogan Award for nature slide presentation

His images had appeared in “The Land and Wildlife of Australia Life Nature Library”, “Camera in Australia”, “Australia and the Pacific Islands Allen Keast”, Orange Regional Art Gallery” and “Darkroom to Digital Celebrating 50 Years of Orange Camera Clubs Orange Regional Art Gallery”.

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