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Yee Hoi Coffee was founded by the late Mr. Tan and his brother in the early 1950’s. The name ‘Yee Hoi’ comes from the Cantonese word ‘Yee’ meaning ‘righteousness’ and ‘Hoi’ meaning ‘sea’. The roaring seal was used in the logo representing the bravery of upholding the righteous values and the sea representing coming from Nanyang, China.

Back in the 1930s, Mr. Tan was a young Chinese immigrant who had journeyed across the South China Sea to the quiet town of Ipoh to work in the tin mining industry. Unfortunately, the Great Depression peaked in the 1930 and tin mining was not as lucrative as Mr. Tan had thought when he arrived in Ipoh. He had to survive and decided to go for any job he could find. He managed to get a job as a coffee roaster with one of the early coffee roasters in Ipoh and started to become passionate about coffee. With his newfound passion and skills learned, he founded Yee Hoi Coffee with his brother in the early 1950’s. He crafted Ipoh’s very own signature blend of coffee, which is still widely used by majority of kopitiams, cafes and mamaks in Ipoh until today.

Mr. Tan’s two sons took over Yee Hoi Coffee when Mr. Tan passed away and continued operating Yee Hoi Coffee with the help of their uncle, Yee Hoi’s co-founder. Yee Hoi Coffee was officially incorporated in 1969 by Mr Tan’s two sons. They operated Yee Hoi coffee factory in a shop lot along Jalan Sekolah, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.

Yee Hoi Coffee continually expanded in Ipoh and with no successor to continue Mr. Tan’s legacy, the two sons decided to sell off Yee Hoi Coffee business to the current owner, Daniel in 1994 with the condition that Mr. Tan’s legacy of Yee Hoi Coffee was to be continued. Daniel spent months mastering Yee Hoi’s signature blend of coffee under the supervision of Yee Hoi’s master roasters themselves. The government subsequently ordered the relocation of Yee Hoi coffee factory to an industrial area at Jelapang in 2003.

Yee Hoi Coffee launched the convenient pack Kopi-O, First Brew 2-in-1 and First Brew 3-in-1 to cater for our fast-paced society while keeping the traditional coffee flavor and aroma of Yee Hoi. The online shop was recently set up to further reach the community both locally and internationally, for those who miss a cup of Yee Hoi Coffee.

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