Themed Ipoh – City with 1,000 parks

Yesterday would be especially meaningful to residents of Ipoh who can expect more green spaces for recreational activities or relaxation as City Mayor, Datuk Roshidi Hashim is making another of his vision become a reality and this one is themed Ipoh – City with 1,000 parks.

At an event in Station 18 this morning, Ipoh City Council (MBI) joined hands with property developer Team Keris Berhad, to turn an idle piece of land into a pretty and useful park for the people.

To date, Ipoh city has over 1,400 parks of various sizes but only 500 are big enough for recreational purposes.

Therefore, MBI hopes to increase the number to 1,000 public parks in Ipoh, thus complementing its vision for “Clean, Green and Developed City.”

Along with Roshidi at the event to plant trees in the half completed park was Team Keris Executive Chairman Datuk Lee Seng Hee, as well as head of various departments in MBI.

The idea of turning idel land into parks was mooted by Roshidi a few months ago during a meeting with Lee, and Team Keris responded by being the first corporate company to transform a 2.58 acre land within Station 18 residency into a public park at a cost of RM400,000.

“It is a part of the company’s corporate responsibility towards the public and we hope fellow developers will participate in campaigns like this to support green social causes,” said Lee.

Numerous trees will be planted in the park which will have a jogging track, reflexology footpath, kiddies play station, outdoor fitness and exercise station and also a track for radio controlled car enthusiasts.

The park will have three entrances : Garden Entrance, North Entrance and South Entrance for public to access it from all direction.

“Trees aren’t just about the weather and global warming. They are also about educating our children on science and nature, but most importantly, to learn to love and care for the environment,” said Roshidi.

“A thousand parks in Ipoh is achievable if all developers and corporate agencies play active roles in creating more parks,” he said.

The city mayor also urged the residents of Station 18 to utilise the park and recognise its social, physical and environmental benefits that reflect its importance.

“To complement the initiative of Team Keris, MBI will install four floodlights at the park,” said Roshidi.


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