The Mysterious Ipoh Trail

The Mysterious Ipoh Trail is an adventure-based programme which will be held in and around New and Old Town, Ipoh, Perak. The programme is designed to cater for children from the ages of 12-18. The participants will be broken up into teams of 5, and they will be handed a set of clues which they will be using to make their way through the streets of Ipoh, looking for sites containing ‘living heritage’, taking pictures and making notes of every place that they visit, as well as anything else they might see on their way that holds any value (in terms of heritage) to them.

Each team will be accompanied by two adult facilitators, and a St. John Ambulance first aider. After their adventures on the trail, all the participants will then reconvene to start processing the pictures and notes they took, and compile them into individual scrapbooks that they will be taking home as a memorabilia. Each team is also required to present their adventure to all present at the end of the programme.

The Mysterious Ipoh Trail aims not only to increase awareness among the leaders of tomorrow about the value of heritage, but also to increase their communication skills, boost their confidence, build up their leadership skills, and also to train them to know how and when they should work as a team.

By encouraging the participants to be free with their cameras and capture just about anything they see that, to them, is a ‘living heritage’, we are also encouraging the participants to think outside the box and to be bold with their ideas and opinions.

Registration forms are available upon request.

Date of event : 22nd and the 23rd of November 2012

For more information contact : Yuvaraaj at 017 406 1432 / Laura : Contact no: (6)016-456 4323 or
by E-mail:

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