Tasik Raban

Tasik Raban or also known as Dataran Tasik Raban, located in the small town of Raban, near the town of Sauk, about 34 kilometers from Kuala Kangsar. Lenggong is about 45 kilometers from Kuala Kangsar while from Lenggong to Gerik is 53 kilometers.

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Dataran Tasik Raban looks like an island because it is surrounded by a lake. There is a road across the lake, fenced with both sides. When passing through it you can enjoy the beauty of the lake. 

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It is abundant still water with a beautiful view of the mountains and the trees. For nature lovers, you will definitely be excited to see the flora and fauna that can be explored in this fresh and beautiful nature. Who wouldn’t dream to be in a paradise like this?

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It is also an interesting and beautiful place that can be visited during holidays. Physical activities such as cycling, kayaking, fishing, boat ride and some fun activities can be carried out here. As a matter of fact, several scenes of the movie “Anna and The King” were shot here.

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