Sharpened Word March 2016

Sharpened Word

This month Sharpened Word will see us celebrating International Women’s Day with an illustrious quartet of women writers.

* Bernice Chauly – writer, poet and educator. Founder of “Readings” a live literary platform in KL since 2005 and Director of George Town Literary Festival.

* Nirmala Kasinathan – A medical doctor with the passion for literary art, born a bread in Ipoh

* Angie Lee Xiao Fong – a novice writer and first runner up in the International Youth Food Culture Contest 2015. A young Ipoh gal with a strong flair for creative arts.

* Melizarani T. Selva – a spoken word poet, educator, journalist and author of “Taboo” Meliza lives in KL.

Sharpened Word March 2016 – In Conjunction With International Women’s Day

Date : 19th March 2016
Time : 2.30pm-5.00pm
Venue : Sepaloh Art Gallery

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