Saint Michael’s Institution, SMI

Located in the old town, Saint Michael’s Institution, aka Institusi Saint Michael or SMI, stands as a historical school building in Ipoh. Positioned on Jalan SP Seenivasagam, formerly known as Clayton Road, it shares its compound with two primary schools, namely St. Michael’s I and II. A proud member of the global La Sallian community of schools, SMI’s roots trace back to the year 1912 when the La Sallian brothers established the institution with a modest enrollment of 37 students. Under the leadership of its inaugural headmaster, Mr. P.J. Mor Singh, the school began in an old Malay Bungalow amidst a serene coconut grove in Kampung Pisang.

The architectural vision for SMI’s development materialized in 1923, spearheaded by the French-born La Sallian Brother Vernier Auguste. Brother Auguste’s influence extended beyond Ipoh, as he also crafted the designs for institutions such as St. John’s Institution in Kuala Lumpur and the exquisite chapel at St. Francis’s Institution in Malacca. The foundational block, completed in 1927, boasted 14 classrooms, an office, a bookshop, living quarters for the Brothers, and space for 50 boarders. A distinctive feature of this building was its utilization of reinforced concrete, an innovative choice driven by the need for enhanced fire resistance. The grandeur of the structure was emphasized by the incorporation of granite coping for the gable and the cross. Notably, the construction cost of this initial block amounted to $200,000, primarily funded by the Brothers’ savings amassed over six decades.

The institution experienced a sympathetic expansion in 1940, replicating a segment of the original design to accommodate an assembly hall and additional classrooms. Following the conclusion of World War II, the school’s enrollment surged, prompting a request for exemption from the post-war building restrictions. In 1951, the ban was lifted, enabling St. Michael’s Institution to embark on further extensions. This cumulative effort over three decades resulted in the creation of a sprawling 177-meter edifice, magnitudes larger than Brother Vernier’s original conception while still echoing his inspirations.

Today, Saint Michael’s Institution stands as a testament to its rich history, the dedication of the La Sallian community, and the enduring pursuit of educational excellence.

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