Royal Belum World Drum Festival At Dataran Ipoh 2012

The energetic performances by the Absolutely Thai managed to steal the focus of more than 3,000 visitors who thronged the Dataran Bandaraya in conjunction with the Royal Belum World Drum Festival event held last Saturday.

The crowd gathered together to watch the prestigious event..

The event gave the State Of Perak an opporunity to be recognized and to promote it’s uniqueness and it’s culture to local and foreign spectators. The “Royal Belum World Drum Festival” will be known as the Signature Event for the Silver State as it has made it’s way to Perak’s yearly events calendar.

The event last Saturday feature 10 groups of drummers and percussionists from around the world such as Indonesia,Thailand,Singapore,Malaysia,India,Japan,Korea,Brazil,Vietnam and the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Group name : Wadaiko Syo from Japan started off the event..

Absolutely Thai a Group from Thailand.
Absolutely Thai "Wow" the crowd with their unique performance..
Performance by U Ri So Ri from Korea..

Capoeira Camara from Brazil
Their singing and dance moves completely left the crowd amazed..
White Percussion Unit from Malaysia
Children of all ages sat front row to not miss out on all the action!!
Dhol Federation got the crowd in the mood for a celebration..

Dhol Federation founder Mr. Keeran Dee also performed that night..
Saratuspersen from Indonesia entertain the crowd with a variety of musical collaborations..

Rhythm Masala from Singapore played their rhythm with a great team work..
Rhythm Masala

Want to see more Videos of the performances from The Royal Belum Drum Festival? Click Here.

Royal Belum World Drum Festival At Dataran Ipoh 2012

Date : 25th February 2012
Time : 8.30pm
Venue : Dataran Bandaraya

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