Raja Billah Castle (Istana Raja Billah)

Billah Castle aka Istana Billah is a mansion originally owned by a relative of the Mandailing King Billah (Raja Billah). 

Billah Castle has the design of an impressive wooden mansion, decorative interior design is also seen neatly as a form of continuity of the design of the great house of the king of the Mandailing community or Bagas Godang.

The palace is located on a hill, a magnificent mansion, and in a very nice accordance with the dignified persona of the first owner King Billah, a royal nobleman of Sumatra descent, who made his home in Perak, as a place to spend the rest of his life. The construction of this palace was completed in 1896, this semi -detached villa is seen as the largest building in Pekan Papan, Perak. 

Some residents around Billah Castle consider this house to have various mysteries and strange phenomena, due to the age of this house which is so old, dilapidated and rarely well managed by the heirs of the descendants of Raja Billah, the Mandailing community or the authorities. There are zinc doors and a locked fence that surrounds the courtyard so that outsiders do not intrude on it from committing immoral activities.

There are allegations from the surrounding residents that the Lama Papan Mosque located next to Billah Castle will sound the beduk and azan by itself even though no one is doing it, this is because the mosque is an old and dilapidated mosque and is no longer used for special worship purposes. 

Billah Castle is also famous for its paranormal phenomena and the existence of subtle beings as has been touted through the production of the television drama Warkah Terakhir and also the documentary film Penunggu Istana which received widespread screening in cinemas throughout Malaysia. 

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Address : 106, A188, 31550 Pusing Perak 

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