Pos Kuala Mu

Pos Kuala Mu, situated in the highlands of the Titiwangsa Range in Sungai Siput, Perak, is enveloped by lush tropical rainforests. The journey to this area, located 600 to 700 meters above sea level, takes just over an hour by vehicle from the town of Sungai Siput Utara.

Pos Kuala Mu in Sungai Siput is an immensely appealing eco-tourism destination celebrated for its unique natural attributes. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this place will undoubtedly captivate your heart as you discover and admire the well-preserved beauty of Pos Kuala Mu, cherished and nurtured by the indigenous people residing here.

The chalets in Pos Kuala Mu may not boast luxurious amenities, but their charm lies in their construction using entirely natural materials like bamboo and Bertam. Both materials have deep-rooted connections with the Temiar tribe, a part of the Senoi ethnic group that has long been the primary indigenous community in this area. In the past, the Temiar people lived semi-nomadic lives.

In today’s modern context, this indigenous community has settled permanently in their villages, benefiting from various infrastructures established by the government, such as the road to Kuala Mu, which has significantly opened new opportunities for the Temiar community.

Now, let’s delve into the chalets – Bersah Chalet, Dusun Chalet, and Perkhemahan Kampung Gapeh. These three sibling chalets commenced operations in 2017 and have successfully attracted visitors from all corners of the state, particularly during weekends and school holiday seasons.

Each chalet is equipped with lighting, mattresses, blankets, and mosquito nets, although there are no electrical outlets on the walls. However, visitors can utilize the electrical facilities in the hall located next to the inquiry counter and chalet management office. The bathroom and toilet facilities are located across the road and are conveniently close to the respective chalets.

For those who enjoy cooking, there are outdoor facilities with piped water. How about a barbecue while engaging in conversations with friends? Yes, this activity is warmly welcomed here, and you can savor it while listening to the soothing sound of the waterfall. In addition to staying in the provided huts, visitors also have the unique option of sleeping in tents or hammocks tied to tree trunks.

Pos Kuala Mu, Sungai Siput, is a perfect haven for individuals seeking a tranquil holiday close to nature. You can also enjoy solo activities, but if you arrive with a larger group, consider team activities too. Don’t fret – there’s a convenience store available. It’s convenient to bring your own food and beverages for your holiday provisions. The experience is indescribable. With its striking rock formations, the crispness, and the clarity of the waterfalls in Pos Kuala Mu, Sungai Siput, are undeniably captivating.

The sound of the waterfall seems to beckon visitors to linger and relish the refreshing water cascading swiftly from the mountains. It’s a truly authentic experience.

Operation hours : Always open 

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Address :Chalet Bersah, Pos Kuala Mu, Perak., Perak, Malaysia

Tel : 013-587 3847/ 60 19-553 5360

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