Perak Includes WWF and Traffic In New Committee to Protect Royal Belum

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Malaysia and Traffic will be among the two major NGOs involved in a state government’s newly formed committee to put a stop to poaching and encroachment at Royal Belum State Park.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir who spoke to reporters after a weekly state Exco meeting in Ipoh last Wednesday said the new committee is among the several recommendations by the Perak State Government to curb illegal activities in the pristine forests and preserve its natural wealth.

“Although there are efforts to tackle the problem currently, the state still wants a more effective method to stop poaching and intrusion there,” he said.

Apart from WWE and Traffic which is a wildlife trade monitoring network, other enforcement agencies and NGOs will also be part of the committee.

Representatives of WWF Malaysia and Traffic had earlier briefed the Chief Minister and state executive councillors on environmental issues at Royal Belum.

“We have roped in the NGOs so that the problems there can effectively be addressed,” he said, adding that NGOs will also be effective for check-and balance measures and transparency.


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