Masbro Hidden Village

Masbro Hidden Village is a perfect recreational location that offers a jungle atmosphere, providing tranquility to every visitor. The establishment aims to provide exposure and introduction to beginners of outdoor activities such as camping. At Masbro Hidden Village, you not only have the opportunity to stay and spend the night in the jungle, but you can also get to  experience the beautiful and amazing environment that is sure to be hard to forget. 

Apart from that, the Lenggong valley area has also been gazetted as a World Heritage Site by (UNESCO) and made it the 4th site recognized in Malaysia. This is due to scientific discoveries and the history of human life by local researchers such as the Silver Man (Perak Man) and Silver Women (Perak Women) skeletons.

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Masbro Hidden Village resort is located in a durian orchard and the area is quite hidden. The surrounding is covered with lush green plants and comfortable for the visitors. There are various interesting activities that you can do here including, bathe in a pool or river, fishing, crawl, BBQ, photography session, hiking and mountain bike. 

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Address : TM Ladang Teh, 33400 Lenggong, Perak

Tel : 012-377 5005

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