Kallumalai Temple

Kallumalai Temple 

By Hams Nocete

Located beside the beautiful Cheroh limestone hills is the Kallumalai Temple. Right along the Jalan Raja Musa Aziz road in Ipoh this temple is famous for its yearly Thaipusam festivals. Hindus from all around come every year to witness the colourful ‘kaavedi’ and ‘radhem’ (chariot) accompanied by dancing and singing followers while the procession moves towards the temple. During this time, the streets will be filled with stalls and it will be crowded with hundreds of people.

On a usual day the temple remains a sanctuary for local Hindus to pray and meditate. The temple has some wildlife reared on its grounds. You can see peacocks and other beautiful birds in captivity. The monkeys from the mountain also swing around the temple area.

The temple was newly painted in the year 2014. Upon entering the temple, you can see colourfully painted statues, each bearing a story of its own. The building itself is covered with statues of gods, goddesses and tales of Hindu legends.  It is lighted up at night which has a stunning view.

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