Incitement Ipoh – “The Power Of…” At Sepaloh Art Centre

"The Power Of..." @ Incitement Ipoh

About – Incitement Ipoh

We are just a bunch of young individuals from Ipoh who are trying to create something new right here in our beloved town. We believe that there are a lot happening in Ipoh, a lot of great stories to be heard of, great movements to be told of, great entrepreneurs to be learnt from and many more! And that is why we are doing what we are doing, to shed light on what is happening in Ipoh, to get YOU, our audience, closer to the person behind the scenes and if you are interested, to get you involved as well.
And most of you will ask, seriously, why are you doing this?

Simple. It’s because we love Ipoh and believe that Ipoh has so much to offer, both to teenagers, young adults, adults and retirees as well! That’s how AWESOME Ipoh is!


This time, our theme will be “The Power Of…” where we have up to date, two confirmed speakers from Ipoh who will be sharing on their story. The Power lies within every single one of us, whether we realize it or not. Some harvest deep inside of themselves and do amazing things with it, while other is still seeking the power within themselves.

Come and be inspired as our speakers share with you their very own moment where their own power helped them through the hardships of life.

Joining us this month, we have Jasemine Sibo, author and entrepreneur from Ipoh alongside with Quek Shio Chuan, a Film Director from Reservoir Production. You are more than welcome to come and experience their story first hand and not only that, interact with other like minded peers from Ipoh as well. Spark up your mind and learn new things, that’s what we are all about!


Director Quek Shio Chuan
A small town boy with his eyes set on the world stage, our speaker list is graced by Director Quek Sio Chuan who famously directed the video “Guang”, who bagged him his first international award, BMW Shorties Malaysia 2011. A graduate from University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Quek’s journey in the filming industry has brought him to work with big names, including the likes of Petronas, Johnie Walker, Samsung and Digi among others. Humble, creative and cheerful, Quek shares with us his story on his career and how he found the power within himself to pursue what other might consider a path less taken.


Jasemin Sibo, Author
One would not believe that Jasemin Sibo, a traveller by heart, authored a book about her past love stories! Epiphany, a brainchild of Jasemin tells the tale of her love adventures that she have been through personally to ease the soul of those who are going through the same phase. Written with a flair of humor and wit, her book are exclusively sold at internatonal market only – Amazon and Barnes & Noble. This month, Jasemin shares with us on her ups and downs as an author and how she manage to find the power to fight through all the men that have shattered her heart and even wrote a book about it to motivate the other females!


Date: 22nd May 2015
Time: 8pm – 10.30pm
Location: Sepaloh Art Centre (16, Jalan Sultan Iskandar)

For more information call : 016-4221018 (Mike)

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