Goodnight Electric – Live in Ipoh!

Projek Rabak & P.O.R.T Presents :

Goodnight Electric – Live in Ipoh!

Goodnight Electric formed by Henry Foundation right at the end of 2003 in Jakarta. A concept of music concentrated in synthpop genre. Inspired by musician in the early 80’s and 90’s such as Depeche Mode, Yazoo, The Cure, Belle and Sebastian and The Lightning Seeds. Goodnight Electric combines elements from electro, pop and new wave using synthesizer and computer as the main tools. At first Goodnight Electric live performance supported by Bondi Goodboy and Oomleo, then evolves as a solid line up of trio dance group.

Goodnight Electric released their debut album ‘Love and Turbo Action’ at the end of 2004 under independent label HFMF records with singles ‘Am I Robot?’ and ‘Rocket Ship Goes By’ which claimed appreciation and nods amongst the music heads, especially around the youth of Jakarta. Goodnight Electric performed in more than 100 stages between late 2004 to 2006, whether it’s in a club, live outdoors, college and indie events.This kind of top notch first steps wouldn’t be succeeded without the help of media partners and supportive scenes.

Such as promoters from indie to electro scene and also loyal fans. As the result Goodnight Electric was nominated as Best New Artist at MTV Indonesia Music Award 2005, Best Live PA at Paranoia Award Hard Rock FM Jakarta 2005 and Best Indie Video at Anugrah Video Music Indosiar 2006.After succeeded in the first print, HFMF records repackage the ‘Love and Turbo Action’ (silver album) in 2005. Along with remixes from Ape On The Roof, The Adams and Dj. Oreo At the end of 2005.

Goodnight Electric made a signature of wicked songwriting, compelling live dance performance and state of the art music videos. Experiencing important gigs such as Beach Festivals, Open Air Music Festivals, Live Collaborations and Indonesia’s most talked about events.



Date : 18th March 2012
Time : 8.00pm
Venue : P.O.R.T

For more information call :

Natasha: 017-5058314
Yvonne: 019-5429779
Erica: 012-5258213

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