Facts Of Perakians

Perak is the state of Malaysia on the west coast of Malay Peninsula. Perak’s capital city is Ipoh and the royal capital is Kuala Kangsar. In 2019 Statista reported the population of Perak at 2,512,100 making it the fifth most populous state in Malaysia.

The traditional Malay pottery handicraft called labu sayong is part of the art heritage of Kuala Kangsar. It takes years of practice and repetition for potters to hone and perfect their craft and each product. Each of it is made different from the other and has its individual variations. The intricate handwork produced can usually last from one generation to another.

Making of Labu Sayong
Labu Sayong

Other than that, famous badminton player Wong Mew Choo was born in 1983 in Ipoh and  Lee Chong Wei was born in 1982 in Bagan Serai, Perak, are pride of Malaysia. Not only that, the “Flying Doctor” Jegathesan Manikavasagam was an icon in the 1960’s regarded as the Golden Era of Malaysian athletics. The famous actress Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng was born in 1962 in Ipoh who acted in Hong Kong films during early 1990 and became an international actress.

Wong Mew Choo
Lee Chong Wei
Jegathesan Manikavasagam
Michelle Yeoh Choo Kheng

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