Railway Station

Railway Station

Built in 1935, the Ipoh Railway Station bears close resemblance to its counterpart in Kuala Lumpur. Affectionately known to locals as Ipoh’s ‘Taj Mahal’, it is an impressive landmark which combines moorish architecture with modern embellishments. The Railway Station also has a hotel to accommodate travelers called the majestic hotel.

Fronting the building is a beautiful floral garden that serves as a charming welcome for tourists to the city. As according to the historians, Perak actually pioneered train travel in malaya (the former name of peninsular malaysia). This is a great reminder that the British were the first to lay down railway lines to satisfy the transportation demands of the tin mining industry. Located at jalan panglima Bukit Gantang wahab in the heart of Ipoh city.

Tel : 05-254 7987

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